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The World Affairs Council of New Hampshire proudly brings you the Global in the Granite State Podcast. Here you will find interesting interviews with international visitors, speakers, experts, staff, volunteers, and board members. You will learn more about how New Hampshire is connected to the world, how the hot topics of the day are playing out, and why international affairs are important to support. You will, also, learn about the work of the Council and ways in which you can help to make New Hampshire a more globally engaged place.

Episode #1 - January 1st, 2019

In the first ever episode of the Global in the Granite State Podcast, we take the time to sit down with Winato Adi, Minister of Economy for the Consul General of Indonesia in New York.  We also hear from Dominic Goude from the UK who was in New Hampshire on a Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program.  Finally, we hear from WACNH Board President, Steve Solomon, about his interests in international affairs and why the World Affairs Council of NH is so important to the state.

Episode #2 - February 1st, 2019

In this episode, we explore the crisis in Venezuela, speak with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in Boston, as well as with Farmer's First Africa, a local non-profit dedicated to helping farmers obtain better data to increase crop production.

Episode #3 - March 1st, 2019

In this month's episode, you will hear from Dr. Melinda Negron-Gonzales about human rights and conflict in Turkey. You will also hear from Howard Brodsky about the power of cooperatives around the world to create a more equitable world. Finally, we talk with Katherine Brown about her upcoming presentation on how media coverage of Afghanistan has shaped people's understanding of the country and the war.

Episode #4 - April 1st, 2019

In this episode, we explore the current state of Brexit, interview a Russian Journalist on a US Department of State IVLP Exchange Program, and host a conversation with Brig Gen Donald Bolduc about his experiences in the Military overseas.

Episode #5 - May 1st, 2019 

In this episode, we speak with two Dartmouth College professors. First, we hear from Professor Carey about the current situation in Venezuela and how that country began its decline into chaos. Also, we speak with Professor Subrahmanian about cyber warfare and how technology can be used to predict terror attacks.

Episode #6 - June 1st, 2019

In this episode we sit down with New York Times National Security Correspondent, David Sanger, to talk about Cyber Warfare and Conflict. He was in New Hampshire to speak with at the WACNH Global Forum and provided great insights into why this is so important.  We also take the opportunity to speak with Dr. Katrina Lantos Swett about the work of the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice.  Located in Concord, NH the Lantos Foundation provides support and recognition to Human Rights defenders around the world.

Episode #7 - June 15th, 2019

Here we take the time to sit down with two Foreign Service Officers to talk about their lives working for the State Department as a married couple, as well as talk about career opportunities for people interested in this work. We also take the time to sit down with our Academic WorldQuest team from St. Thomas Aquinas who won the 2019 NH competition about their experiences in the program and what it is like to meet students from around the country at the national competition. They also share about how their interest in international relations has been piqued by competing in this program.

Episode #8 - July 1st, 2019

In the following episode, WACNH speaks with Dr. Jim Walsh of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology about the nuclear ambitions of Iran and North Korea, looking at the different challenges each nation poses to the US. We also take the opportunity to sit down with Angelica Beltran Franco, a UNH Senior, to talk about her upcoming trip to Tanzania. She will be studying wildlife biology while there, thanks to a Benjamin A Gilman Scholarship.

Episode #9 - August 1st, 2019

The protests in Hong Kong have continued to escalate and show no signs of slowing down, without changes to the government. We speak with Professor Chris Reardon, of the University of New Hampshire, about these protests, what they are looking to accomplish, and how the Chinese government is likely to respond. We also sit down with the US Commercial Service and the Office of International Commerce to talk about the impact that international trade has on the state of New Hampshire.

Episode #10 - September 1st, 2019

With Cyber-conflict on the rise, as well as global terrorism, we speak with Senator Maggie Hassan about her work on the Senate Homeland Security Committee to help protect the US against these types of attacks. We also talk with the Founding Dean of the School of Global Learning at SNHU to discuss the vision for a more globalized campus, right here in Manchester, NH.

Episode #11 - October 1st, 2019

During this episode we talk with Chase Sova of the World Food Program, USA about tackling global hunger and how his organization is working to support these efforts. We also meet two alumni of the Global Education Movement at Southern New Hampshire University to hear about this program and how it changed their lives. This program works to educate displaced people, so they can reach their full potential, despite their circumstances.

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