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The World Affairs Council of New Hampshire works to provide timely, accurate, expert led, and globally focused conversations through a variety of programs, including speaker events, podcasts, video interviews, international exchanges, and high school diplomacy simulations. Each of these programs aims to share unique insights into critical conversations and hold space for participants to think critically, share key insights, challenge perspectives, and learn best practices across borders and cultures. By participating in these programs, people gain deeper insights into current challenges facing the world and have the opportunity to help spark new ideas and solutions.

Global Conversation Series

Through a variety of expert led programs, podcasts, and video interviews, WACNH provides audience members with the unique opportunity to fully understand the critical issues driving the world today, as well as the context in which these challenges arise in. The Council is committed to a nonpartisan approach to these conversations, taking no institutional positions, while providing a platform for discussions with academics, journalists, policy leaders, and elected officials. These programs allow for challenging, but civil, conversations and equips everyday people with accurate information so they can make their voices heard on the path forward for the United States' global engagement.

International Exchange Programs

In partnership with the U.S. Department of State and the Library of Congress, the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire crafts customized experiential exchange opportunities for up-and-coming leaders from around the world. By arranging meetings with professional counterparts, everyday Americans, and key leaders, these visiting groups have unique opportunities to share best practices, dispel myths, and build lasting relationships. WACNH takes a long-term look at the impact of these exchanges, as change does not happen overnight. The organization also works to ensure that the visitors and the hosting communities equally share in the benefits, as each side can learn from the other.

High School Diplomacy Simulations

Bringing engaging, experiential simulations into classrooms across the state, the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire works with students of varying backgrounds, interests, and experiences. The benefit of providing these simulations during class time is that every student must participate, especially those who have never had an international experience in the past. This allows all students to see themselves as globally engaged and can spark interest in a future international career. Students have rated this program very highly for the freedom they receive in crafting solutions to real world problems, while having the guidance necessary to understand the nuance of these conflicts. 

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