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Episode #51 - February 2023

Not only do global experiences open your eyes to the world around you, they also help you better understand who you are and they let you explore who you want to be. Whether it is through study abroad, the Peace Corps, agri- or volun-tourism, or any extended trip abroad, you gain so much from engaging with the world, changing your life and the lives of those you interact with. Today we talk with Lisa McAdam Donegan and David Crisci, co-founders of Global Education Partners, about the power of going global to experience the world.

While many people may not feel they are able to go abroad, if you are dedicated enough to the opportunity, there are many ways to fund your global experience. As promised in the episode, here are a couple of opportunities  you may want to look into:

Peace Corps

- Teach Abroad with CIEE

- Fulbright Program

- Travel Sponsorship Ideas

- Study Abroad Sponsorship Ideas

- Study Abroad Sponsorship Ideas

- U.S. Government Sponsorship

This is just a short listing of ideas, which is provided for informational purposes only. The World Affairs Council of New Hampshire does not receive any monetary support from these links and does not guarantee the availability of any funds for particular situations. 

Lisa McAdam Donegan earned her Doctor of Education from Johnson & Wales University after successfully defending her dissertation titled "Faculty Perception of Navigating Student Duty of Care, Conflict, and Crisis Management on Short-term Study Abroad". Lisa has also studied abroad while earning her B.A. degree in French and she holds a M.A. degree in International Studies from UCONN. Lisa’s cumulative experiences in international education include teaching ESL and French Language, developing university international living-learning communities, coordinating incoming and outgoing exchange programs, acting as a Designated SEVIS Officer, and developing and working with international exchange partners. Lisa’s additional experience focuses on developing and implementing risk management policy and best practices, developing short-term thematic study abroad programs, developing grant opportunities and strategies for funding international study, recruiting under-represented study abroad students; developing an international travel registry.  Lisa has many professional affiliations including the Association of International Educators (NAFSA), the Forum for Education Abroad, Association of International Education Administrators, and the International Educators of Rhode Island (IERI). She also serves on several professional Boards, including the FUA-AUF Advisory Board, the CIS Abroad Advisory Board, and the WAM United Soccer Club Board of Directors. She has presented at national and international conferences on crisis management, recruiting underrepresented students, diversity abroad, and non-traditional programming in education abroad. 

David Crisci earned his Doctor of Education in 2018 after successfully defending his dissertation titled "Faculty-led Short-Term Study Abroad: An Exploration of Experiential Learning Strategies". He holds a Master of Science in Higher Education Administration. After having experience working in management positions for Frito-Lay and Bank of America, David started working in higher education where he gained a passion for helping students see the world. Through his work experiences, David has provided extensive support to students who are studying away from their home institution, students from abroad who are coming to the United States to earn their degrees, and to faculty who develop and lead study abroad programs. He is the founding director for 3 international offices at different institutions providing the foundation needed for growth. He has expanded study abroad opportunities through direct partnerships with universities in Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. David has experience in grant writing, program development, ESL and Pathway programs, and has extensive knowledge regarding F1 visas while serving as Principal Designated School Official (PDSO). He has established partnerships around the globe through his vast connections and continues to build relationships for higher educational institutions. And most recently began teaching in local middle schools during the pandemic after gaining an emergency teaching license in Massachusetts to help his community. 

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