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Physical Education in American Schools II SCP October 1st -3rd

In the month of October, NH will play host to a group of 14 International Visitors from Saudi Arabia. A variety of meetings with State and local NGO’s will be arranged.


US Federal and Local Tax Collection SCP October 21st -26th

Later in the month of October, NH will host a group of 10 International visitors from Iraq. This visit will provide a unique perspective on tax administration as NH does not have a state income or sales tax, but do rely heavily on property taxes, fees, and sin taxes.

The Will of the People - Elections in Democracies MRP  October 24-27

At the end of October, NH will host 24 International visitors from a variety of countries coming to NH to learn more about Elections in Democracies. Home to the first in the Nation Primary, NH offers a unique perspective that no other state can offer.

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