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Volunteerism and Civic Action April 25th-30th

During this month New Hampshire will host 6 International visitors that are coming to the US to learn more about Volunteerism and Civic Action. While in NH they will have the opportunity to visit with a variety of non-profit organizations that rely heavily on volunteers giving our visitors a first hand look how important volunteers are in our non-profit communities. While in NH they will also have the chance to volunteer at The Food Banks Production Garden.

Transparency and Accountability in Government RP May 1st -5th

17 International visitors will visit NH in May to learn about effective practices for open, and accessible government, civil society efforts toward government transparency and accountability and how NH works at implementing and enforcing “Right to Know” laws.

Combating Trafficking in Persons SCP Germany May 9th

We will be hosting a group from Germany for the day. They will have the opportunity to visit with a variety or organizations working to fight human trafficking.

The Hague Abduction Convention in Practice SCP India May 20th-23rd

In May New Hampshire will host a group of International Visitors from India on the Hague Abduction Convention in Practice. A variety of meetings with crisis centers, child advocacy organizations as well as Federal Court will be arranged.

Renewable Energy SCP Turkmenistan May 25th -30th

In May NH will host a group of international visitors from Turkmenistan. They will have the opportunity to visit and learn about the different renewable energy sources NH has to offer, from Biomass, Hydro and Ocean energy.

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