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Afghan Election Capacity SCP February 9th-12th

In February we will host 6 International Visitors from Afghanistan. During this time they will have the opportunity learn more about about NH’s State sport Politics. In addition, they will also have the opportunity to visit polling stations, campaign offices and State officials. Having the first in the Nation Primary, NH offers a unique perspective that no other state can offer.

Women in Political and Social Sectors RP February 17th -20th

Later in the month of February, NH will host 9 International Women from 7 different countries. They will have the opportunity to meet with community members in an Citizenship Exchange Circle, State Legislators in a round table discussion and a Leadership Workshop.

Not Too Young to Run - Engaging Youth in the Political Process March 12th -17th

In March NH will host 20 International Visitors from 20 different countries. They will have the opportunity to meet with a variety of youth and leadership organizations, working to engage youth in the political process.

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