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 Elections in Democracies: November 10th-14th

4 people from Thailand will visit New Hampshire just after the November elections for a recap of the outcome and what it means for the country and the state moving forward.  Conversations will be arranged with top political activists and organizations to understand the influences on the election and where the country goes from here. A look at the functioning of elections in New Hampshire will also be a major focus here.

Strategic Communications Strategies for Government Agencies: November 11th-14th

Coming from Ukraine, this group of 8 government officials will have the opportunity to learn about best practices in community outreach.  Meetings with government counterparts, the discussions here will focus on how transparency is the best policy and why it is important to build trust with the community.  Conversations with media and watchdog organizations will also focus on how they communicate with the government to ensure that the general public is informed.


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