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Episode #56 - July 2023

In this month’s episode we explore the challenges surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the need for global cooperation to minimize potential negative outcomes. By speaking with Ben Porter of Prometheus Endeavor, a technology think-tank, the conversation provides a balanced viewpoint of the challenges and opportunities surrounding the development of AI, from the robot overlords of the Matrix to the lifesaving programs identifying cancer cells, there are a lot of potential programs that can be used for good and evil. In response to a National Telecommunications and Information Administration request for comment, Prometheus Endeavour has outlined some guidelines that governments should adopt to protect everyday citizens from the potential harms of uncontrolled AI development. Recognizing the global competition between countries like the United States and China to lead AI innovation, we stress the need for coherent and consistent regulations worldwide. There is a strong need to highlight the importance of transparency, accountability, and adherence to privacy and copyright laws in AI development. While many people are calling for the slowing down or ending of AI development, it remains critical to many national development plans and simply needs positive oversight to ensure a reduction of harms to the end users. Join us as we dive beyond the headlines and provide you with the right insights to help you sleep better at night, without a robot overlord watching over you.

Ben PorterBen Porter - Ben porter is a consultant and educator focusing on innovative use of technology. He has created, built and managed world leading management consulting companies focusing on the strategic use of information technology, as well as led Fortune 500 companies through the development of IT Vision, Strategy, and delivery of strategic business value. He holds a BS in Mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon University and an MS in Industrial Administration from Purdue.

Over his more than 40 years of consulting and decade plus of teaching, he is passionate about finding ways for organizations to creatively use technology to achieve their business and organizational visions. He has developed careers for scores of consultants and students in the fields of Information Technology, Data Science and Analytics.

Prometheus Endeavor - "At Prometheus Endeavor, we challenge conventional wisdom. We research, make observations, ask questions about endeavors and publish our ideas. We apply our knowledge, management experience, frameworks and models to separate issues and good ideas from traps and blind alleys. We uncover unknowns, identify scenarios, set priorities and plans, calibrate adjustments and measure progress."

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