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T. William & Patricia Ayers Global Tipping Points Series 
Making Sense of the World: Allies What are they Good For

In a world full of complex challenges that do not respect international borders, it quickly becomes clear that there is a need for international cooperation to address the biggest issues of the day. From Climate Change to pandemics and transnational drug rings, there is no shortage of opportunities for the world to work together. However, it can be challenging and sometime counterproductive to work with different partners to address certain issues. What are the opportunities, risks, challenges, and value that come with a multilateral approach to the world? 

WACNH was honored to host Ambassador Mark Storella, Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy at Boston University, as the distinguished speaker on Multilateralism. Amb. Storella brings a wealth of diplomatic experience, and his insights add a depth to the discussion on the potential merits and challenges of collaborative international relations.

In this session, audiences delved into the crucial questions of what are Allies good for, what are the challenges of alliances, and how we can conceptualize global issues through a multilateral lens. This is the second installment of the exploration of the United States' role on the world stage in the three-part T. William and Patricia Ayers Global Tipping Point series, "Making Sense of the World". Timely in light of the approaching Presidential election, this series invited distinguished experts to elaborate upon distinct foreign policy approaches. The aim is to present attendees with a well-rounded understanding of the complexities in the nation's global interactions.

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