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Weekly World News Update, May 2, 2018

Thursday, May 03, 2018 8:43 AM | Anonymous

May 2, 2018

Weekly World News Update

New Hope for Koreas; Iran Nuclear Deal; Armenian Unrest; U.S.-Europe Trade Tensions; Biological Attacks

Quote of the Week

"This is not the way that diplomacy has to work. It doesn’t have to be leadership by tweet."

-- Ronan Farrow, journalist, in an interview with PBS NewsHour about his new book, War on Peace: The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence, on Tuesday.

A New Hope for the Koreas

"A Real Path to Peace on the Korean Peninsula" Chung-in Moon -- Foreign Affairs, April 30, 2018

"Reasons to Be Hopeful, and not Hopeful, About North Korea" Michael Brendan Dougherty -- National Review, May 1, 2018

"From 'Fire and Fury' to Peace Prize? Some Talk of Nobel Award for Trump on North Korea" Anne Gearan and Ashley Parker -- The Washington Post, May 1, 2018

"What Kim Jong Un Wants from Trump" Van Jackson -- Politico, April 30, 2018

"Here's Why North Korea Will Give Up Its Nuclear Weapons" Gordon G. Chang -- The National Interest, April 30, 2018

End of the Line for the Iran Nuclear Deal?

"Benjamin Netanyahu's Nuclear Nothingburger" Steven Simon -- The New York Times, May 1, 2018

"Binyamin Netanyahu Tries to Convince Donald Trump to Scuttle the Iran Deal" Editorial Baord -- The Economist, May 1, 2018

"Why Is Netanyahu So Obsessed with Iran?" Richard Silverstein and Muhammad Sahimi -- Middle East Eye, May 2, 2018

"Israel and the U.S Have Little to Gain from Trump Scrapping Iran Nuclear Deal" Zvi Bar'el -- Haaretz, May 2, 2018

"The Iran Regime-Change Crew Is Back" Vali Nasr -- The Atlantic, April 25, 2018

Unrest in Armenia

"Armenia's Bad Week for Autocrats" Viken Berberian -- The New York Review of Books, May 1, 2018

"What's Next for Armenia's Protest Movement?" Anna Ohanyan -- Al Jazeera, May 1, 2018

U.S-Europe Trade Tensions

"The U.S. and Europe Are Locked in a Standoff Over Tariffs" Zeeshan Aleem -- Vox, May 1, 2018

"Europe Is Annoyed, not Grateful, After Trump Delays Tariffs" Jack Ewing -- The New York Times, May 1, 2018

"What You Need to Know About the EU-U.S. Trade Spat" Emre Peker -- The Wall Street Journal, May 1, 2018

"What Is Donald Trump's Trade Policy? Nobody Knows" John Cassidy -- The New Yorker, May 1, 2018

Preparing for Biological Attacks

"The New Killer Pathogens" Kate Charlet -- Foreign Affairs, May/June, 2018

"Are We Prepared for a Killer Flu Epidemic?" Michaeleen Doucleff -- NPR, April 27, 2018

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