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Weekly World News Update 12/3/14

Wednesday, December 03, 2014 10:31 AM | Anonymous


Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Opinion and analysis of negotiations with Tehran, the global energy market, the Middle East, Asia, and Russia/Ukraine. Plus, views on U.S. foreign policy and the global economy.


Negotiating with Iran

"After Vienna: Obstacles to a Deal Can Be Overcome," Sir Richard Dalton - European Leadership Network, November 27, 2014 


Geopolitical Implications of OPEC's Decision Not to Cut Production

"The Global Shakeout From Plunging Oil," Daniel Yergin - The Wall Street Journal, November 30, 2014

"Falling Oil Prices Offer the West a Great Chance to Refashion Itself. Let's Seize It," Will Hutton - The Guardian, November 30, 2014

"The Downside of Oil Independence," Jeff Rubin - The Globe and Mail, December 1, 2014

"Oil and OPEC: This Time is Not as Different as You Think It Is," Michael Levi - Council on Foreign Relations, December 1, 2014 



"America, Don't Give Up on Afghanistan," Paul D. Miller - New Republic, November 30, 2014 


ISIS In-Depth

"Profiling the Islamic State," Charles Lister - Brookings, December 1, 2014 


Israel - Fact or Fiction?

"What the Media Gets Wrong About Israel," Matti Friedman - The Atlantic, November 30, 2014 


Papal Visit to Turkey

"Catholic Geopolitics," Victor Gaetan - Foreign Affairs, November 28, 2014 


Indian and Pakistani Tensions Rising

"India and Pakistan: A Debilitating Relationship," Saim Saeed - The Diplomat, November 29, 2014 



"Hong Kong Crackdown Reveals China's Fear of Contagious Rebellion," Simon Tisdall - The Guardian, December 1, 2014

"China's Nicaragua Canal Could Spark a New Central America Revolution," Nina Lakhani - The Daily Beast, November 30, 2014 


Russia/Ukraine: How Things Might Have Been - and Might Be in the Future

"What Else Could We Have Done? Ukraine After Vilnius," Kadri Liik - European Council on Foreign Relations, November 28, 2014

"Ukraine After Elections: Democracy and the Barrel of a Gun," Ian Bond - Centre for European Reform, November 27, 2014 


U.S. Foreign Policy

"'America in Retreat': Why Neo-Isolationism Exploded Under Obama and What We Can Do About It," James Kirchick - The Daily Beast, December 1, 2014 

"The American Global Stance as Chuck Hagel Departs," David Coates - The Huffington Post, December 1, 2014

"How to Keep Future Cold Wars Cold: Mind the Missiles," Gregory D. Koblentz - Los Angeles Times, November 28, 2014

"America's Next Big Challenge: Countering China's Diplomatic Blitzkrieg," Richard Javad Heydarian - The National Interest, November 30, 2014


The Global Economy

"TTIP: What are the Implications for Emerging Powers and the International Order?" Daniel Hamilton - International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, December 1, 2014


"The Return of Economic Nationalism: Shaping the Next Phase of Globalization A la Carte," Harald Malmgren - Second Line of Defense, November 29, 2014





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