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Member Travel Spotlight: IRAN

Monday, September 08, 2014 1:08 PM | Anonymous

Richard Cary, a retired architect who is living in Boston, recently traveled to Iran as part of the World Affairs Councils of America “Travel the World” program. Cary, currently a member of the World Affairs Council of NH, worked and lived abroad on four continents and has learned 3 languages. Living and traveling abroad has been an important part of both his and his late wife’s life for nearly 60 years.

Cary’s life as an architect peaked his interest in how people design and construct their living environment, historically and contemporary. The most interesting things he found while he was in Iran was the Persepolis, which is the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire. He also found the citadel, and the traditional garden of Bagh-e Tarikhi very interesting.

Cary describes the openness and friendliness of the people as being surprising to him, and he believes that the present regime cannot suppress these people for long. He felt that the trip lacked a social and daily aspect of how the urban dwellers of Iran live. He wished he was able to see the daily life and experience school, home, worship, shopping, and community activity to see the way everyone on that side of the world is living in comparison to our everyday lives.

Cary has read extensively about Islam, and lived in the Arab part of the world, The many talks on the Persians and subsequent reading have certainly enriched his understanding and he is grateful for the experience to have been able to travel with the World Affairs Council on this trip to Iran.

His trip to Iran with the World Affairs Council was what he thought would be interesting as a member of the World Affairs Council of NH, but also to just be with the group of other members who would be going on the trip, of whom he thought would be interesting unto themselves. He wanted to “explore and ageless culture in a format I hoped I could tolerate. It worked. Consider this a bucket-list adventure.” 

ABOVE: One of the many travel groups that visited Iran, thanks to the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. Your local Council partners with Philadelphia to bring these unique travel opportunities to YOU- check out all the trips offered here.

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