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Jason Palmer to Present People-First Foreign Policy at World Affairs Council Event

Thursday, January 04, 2024 4:18 PM | Tim Horgan (Administrator)

Democratic presidential candidate Jason Palmer is slated to present his foreign policy vision at the "Foreign Policy on the Ballot" forum hosted by the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire on January 9, 2024, at 6:00 pm in Manchester. Palmer will share his comprehensive, people-first approach to America's role in global affairs at this event with prospective Democratic and Independent voters for the upcoming 2024 New Hampshire Democratic Primary. In advance of this event, we wanted to share a bit of background about Mr. Palmer's views on the world and sent him a three-part questionnaire. His responses are below.

America’s Role in the World 

Palmer's foreign policy vision places America at the forefront of global leadership in terms of military and diplomatic strength and as a beacon of democracy, innovation, education, and human rights. He envisions the United States transcending its traditional role as a military superpower to become a pioneering force in shaping the future of technology and democratic principles. According to Palmer, America's global role is to set the benchmark for democratic values and technological advancements that are people-first, leading the way in developing and implementing cutting-edge innovations while upholding and advocating for freedom, democracy, human rights, self-determination, and peace. 

Palmer believes that this broader, more holistic approach to American leadership focused on developing people and promoting democracy, human rights, and education will redefine the country's influence on the world stage. By embracing this role, the United States can inspire and facilitate positive change globally, driving advancements in various sectors while steadfastly promoting and protecting core principles. 

The Greatest Global Threat Facing America 

Palmer recognizes the critical importance of digital transformation (AI, cybersecurity, Web3, drone technology, etc.) as the most pressing challenge confronting America in the contemporary national security landscape. He understands that maintaining a competitive edge in these rapidly evolving domains is essential for national security and economic vitality. Palmer is acutely aware that AI, drone, and cybersecurity threats are not just about protecting data but also about safeguarding the very foundations of democracy and the American way of life. In the face of these threats, he is committed to championing advanced security measures that are robust, responsive, and capable of adapting to the ever-changing nature of digital risks. 

Additionally, Palmer sees the race in AI technology as a pivotal arena where the United States must assert its leadership. He believes that excelling in AI is a matter of technological superiority and a strategic imperative for economic competitiveness and national defense. Palmer's approach involves fostering innovation in AI while ensuring ethical standards and practices are in place, recognizing that the responsible development and deployment of AI are crucial for gaining public trust and ensuring these technologies benefit society. 

The First 100 Days of a Palmer Administration 

In his first 100 days as president, Jason Palmer plans to establish a Department of Innovation and Technology, focusing on America's technological and cybersecurity leadership. This department is critical for safeguarding national security and will advance AI and other technologies to protect America's digital infrastructure against cyber threats. Additionally, Palmer's administration will strengthen investment in advanced military technologies and international alliances and defense strategies, particularly in cyber, AI, and other digital disruptions. 

Palmer also aims to re-establish America as the world’s leader on climate, integrating green leadership policies into national security, and prioritizing re-engagement in climate technology innovation, global climate agreements, and clean energy initiatives. Economic policies under his administration will focus on increasing growth through investments in climate technologies that increase our security, emphasizing the onshore development of vital industries like semiconductors and lithium-ion batteries, essential for both technology and defense. 

Palmer's policy initiatives reflect a blend of technological savvy and diplomatic foresight, appealing to voters looking for a candidate who can adeptly navigate the intricacies of modern global politics with a forward-looking perspective.

Join WACNH in-person or online for our conversation with Mr. Palmer on January 9th at 6:00 pm in Manchester, NH. You can find more information and registration at the following link:

2500 N. River Road - Manchester - NH - 03106 - (603) 314-7970

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