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IVLP Spotlight Ayako Fuchigami

Monday, October 23, 2023 3:22 PM | Anonymous

This week's IVLP Alumni Spotlight features Ayako Fuchigami. She's a true pioneer in her home country, being the first openly transgender parliament member in Japan. The IVLP journey she took to New Hampshire was a deeply personal and transformative experience for her. Her time in the state wasn't just about political engagement, it was a profound learning experience for her. A highlight of Ms. Fuchigami's journey was her meeting with the Mayor of Manchester. She not only shared her personal experiences, but she also gathered valuable lessons on how to foster understanding and collaboration. Her takeaways from her time in New Hampshire highlight the importance of diplomacy and cultural exchange in shaping a more inclusive and diverse political world. Ms. Fuchigami's journey serves as a constant inspiration to young transgender politicians by highlighting the positive impact of international cooperation and shared learning.

Ms Fuchigami enjoying a Portsmouth, NH Harbor cruise while visiting the state in August 2022.

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