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IVLP Alumni Spotlight: Fernando Rojas Traverso

Monday, July 10, 2023 10:51 AM | Anonymous

On this week’s IVLP Alumni Spotlight, we'd like to share Fernando Rojas Traverso's testimonial about his time here in NH and the U.S. Fernando was a participant in a 2022 in-person IVLP on the topic of "Global and Regional Economic Corporation". This particular delegation was the first in-person IVLP since the start of the pandemic, and everyone was so excited to be able to meet in person after such a long time programming virtual!

"My experience at IVLP has had an impact on many aspects, both personal and professional. On a personal level, the experience in the USA has been magnificent and has allowed me to get to know a country like the United States in detail, both socially and economically. On a professional level, the meetings we had on the trip have made me grow a lot, in addition to the colleagues and professionals I have met.

The first meeting with Government members was great, because it allowed us to know what New Hampshire is like from an economic and financial point of view, what it produces, what its population is like and what its government is like. All this made us discover a state not so well known in the world and transfer this vision to our colleagues in Spain.

I also have fond memories of Anise and Danielle, who were wonderful in their company and the experience with the family, Home Hospitality, in New Hampshire. All this made my experience in general improve significantly. I was so fortunate to experience a home hospitality dinner. The experience was wonderful, as it allowed us to see first-hand a unique life and lifestyle in NH, which is very different from the big cities in the United States. I really liked the time, I enjoyed the company and the stories they told us about their life.

Fernando Rojas at Home Hospitality with Carola Gouse
Home Hospitality Meal with Carola Gouse

Clearly I have changed my point of view about the United States, since I had never been there and this has been a unique opportunity to get to know them. We have a vision of the United States very much from movies, from what we hear or see in them, even from the press. But it's clearly different. In fact, a state like New Hampshire is the antithesis of what we think about the United States, where there are friendly, educated people, and far from the large crowds of big cities. My experience in all areas was wonderful, I recommend that anyone who can go do it without hesitation, and it is an experience that I will never forget.

My fondest IVLP memories and experience are incredible. My memories range from the cities, institutions and places I met, to the people who were with me throughout the trip, whom I consider friends and part of my life. It is an experience that I will remember throughout my life, as well as the people I met, my learning about culture, food, society and the economy of the United States, and my own personal experience, which has made me a better person and a better professional. When I talk about this experience with my friends, I always get a smile on my face, since it is impossible to describe it without remembering the best moments I had. It has been wonderful!

My experience with IVLP exceeded my expectations, a lot. It was a great time, unique experience along my life, and something that I will tell to my grandchildren. I think is once in life, so I have a great time and I have a lot of memories about the experience. I will never forget it."

IVLP Group with WACNH IVLP Team
Photo of group with liaisons and IVLP team before parting ways. Until next time!

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