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IVLP Alumni Spotlight: Dana Zubari

Friday, May 05, 2023 1:44 PM | Anonymous

On this week’s IVLP Alumni Spotlight, we would like to share reflections from one of our 2022 alumni, Dana Zubari. Dana participated in a July 2022 in-person IVLP on the topic of “U.S. Social Media Engagement”. She is a social media influencer from Bahrain and she holds many diverse professional roles. Zubari is the co-founder of two businesses: Tru Active, a sportswear brand; and Lettuce Run, an all women’s running group, and co-captain of Cycling Bees. She is dedicated to creating spaces where Bahraini women are able to participate in various sports and prioritize their personal health and well-being.

Dana shares how much she enjoyed her IVLP experience, specifically emphasizing her time spent here in New Hampshire. She highlighted how much she enjoyed the diverse meetings with NH counterparts to share best practices. The meeting that she benefited from the most was a last minute-add on meeting with Social HQ. Social HQ is an innovative marketing team that focuses their energies on multiple social media platforms. Visitors were able to discuss which marketing tools may work best within their organizations and country, while the Social HQ team could also share their findings for organizations here in NH. It was truly a brainstorming session for the social media influencers and the marketing team to collaborate.

Photo above: Meeting with The Social HQ

Another meeting that Dana speaks highly of was the opportunity to meet with the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism. She was so intrigued by how NH markets tourism to individuals from out of state, and how they create useful tools to make traveling easier for tourists. Although this meeting did not align directly to her specific line of work, she shared the skills learned with Bahrain’s Ministry of Tourism department so that they can also utilize different approaches in their marketing strategies.

Photo above: Meeting with NH Division of Travel and Tourism

Dana beams with gratitude for her IVLP journey and expresses how much she loved her time here in NH. “Overall, my experience was really pleasant. Really, the people were extremely welcoming and very kind. I absolutely loved visiting New Hampshire. I definitely want to come back socially. Maybe to go skiing with my family!” Thank you so much, Dana, for your kind words and feedback. We are so grateful to have met you, and we cannot wait to see how you continue to make impactful changes both in Bahrain and internationally! We also hope to see you again in future travels to New Hampshire!

To learn more about Dana and her work, please explore the resources below!

A True Athletic Life, Interview with Dana Zubari

Tru Active Website
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Photo above: Meeting with Spring Ledge Farm

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