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IVLP Alumni Spotlight: Lilian Namagembe

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 7:34 AM | Anonymous

Lilian Namagembe participated in a 2019 in-person IVLP on the topic of “Mental and Physical Disabilities” She is from Uganda, and at the time of her IVLP she was a journalist for the Daily Monitor.

During her time in NH, she is grateful for the professional resources that she and her IVLP colleagues were able to meet with and exchange ideas. Two of these resources include the UpReach Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Inc. and the Rhythm Tree. Namagembe was amazed by the innovative ways that both organizations run to support individuals that have a diverse range of physical and/or mental disabilities. She hopes to bring many of these initiatives back to Uganda so that individuals in her country will also have access to these opportunities to have a more fulfilled, supportive lifestyle.

Lilian is a journalist by profession, however, her IVLP experience was so impactful that she changed her professional career path after returning home to dedicate her work in communications to support international humanitarian organizations. She is currently the Communications Officer at Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Uganda. Lilian has also created her own organization, Charity Productions Ltd, in Uganda where she is able to offer services to organizations to help raise funds to donate to charities.  Many of these charities are in place to support individuals needing medical financial assistance. She is actively working to help raise funds for charities throughout Uganda. Lilian tirelessly advocates that all voices are heard and respected in her community, regardless of physical or mental ability.

Another initiative that Lilian has started is a registered club, Stop Tetanus Investment club. This is a support group for people affected and infected with Tetanus to pool funds and use them to create awareness against the lethal disease. 

IVLP has opened Lilian’s eyes to see that she truly can make a positive difference in her community. One individual, a small group of people, or a large organization can all create positive change that will have a lasting impact for the communities they serve. Lilian expresses how much her IVLP experience has changed her to focus on how she can contribute to initiatives to help her community. Lilian is so grateful for this opportunity, and she is excited to continue to lead the way in making positive change.

A few additional documents from Lilian’s awareness campaigns and crowdfunding:

Report on 9 Year Old Suffering from Tetanus in Uganda - Lilian's nephew

Crowdfunding Campaign for Lilian's Nephew

"Tetanus is a cruel killer""

Thank you so much, Lilian for taking the time to reconnect with us here at WACNH and for all you do to support all people's rights to be met! 

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