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WACNH Welcomes Three New Board Members

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 9:21 AM | Tim Horgan (Administrator)


Every year non-profits around the country welcome new board members to invigorate their work with new ideas, diverse perspectives, and fresh energy. The World Affairs Council of New Hampshire is honored to welcome three powerful community leaders to their Board. These strong directors will provide new insights into its work and help lead the Council as the organization heads to its 70th anniversary in 2024.

Karen Ballou, CEO of Immunocologie, Anna Berry, Director of Communications and Digital Outreach at the Forest Society, and Chrystina Russell, Executive Director of rewirED, have all been elected to three-year terms on the organization’s Board of Directors. Their combined experiences leading organizations through various levels of development will assist the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire as it continues its ongoing growth.

“My eight decades of life experiences inform me that the best performing organizations are usually composed of a thoughtful combination of older, more experienced members and newer, more creative members,” said Peter Bowman, WACNH Board President. “So, while we will miss those who retire from the Board, we not only applaud their wonderful contributions, but we warmly welcome and cheer on those who are joining, anticipating their successful futures with the organization.”

Anna Berry brings a unique view to the Board, having spent eight years as Executive Director of the Council. After four years away, she will bring fresh perspective to what the organization does. Her background in communications and outreach will strongly benefit WACNH’s community presence.

“I’m honored to join the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire’s Board of Directors and support the organization’s critical work to bring the world to New Hampshire and New Hampshire to the world,” said Berry. “From sharing a meal with international visitors to discussing foreign policy with expert speakers, I’ve always enjoyed the Council’s diverse programs and I look forward to helping advance its mission in order to reach even more Granite Staters over the next few years.”

Chrystina Russell has spent her career working to provide education within a global context. From working in public schools to creating an international educational movement providing university degrees to people in refugee camps, she has been an ardent supporter of global education, which fits well with the mission of WACNH.

“The work of the Council is important to me because of the high impact programming and activities that meaningfully connect the world to NH, the organization's commitment to strengthened sustainability, and WACNH's focus on civic leadership for issues on world affairs,” said Russell. “I am honored to join the board and am doing so because of my alignment and excitement about these important initiatives. I look forward to teaming with WACNH in support of their efforts to build an informed global community."

Karen Ballou has long focused on sustainable sourcing of products in her work, creating global relationships that benefit both her companies and the communities she works in. She brings a unique set of skills that will help enhance the public profile of the Council, brining its programs to new audiences.

The World Affairs Council of New Hampshire is honored to welcome these amazing leaders to its Board of Directors. As the organization finishes its strategic planning process and looks forward to the global future, their insights will benefit the Council greatly.

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