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Combating Domestic Violence Against Women and Children: August 23rd-26th

A group of 10 people from Saudi Arabia will visit New Hampshire to learn about our efforts to prevent domestic violence.  Meetings with nonprofits working in the field will be arranged for the group.  Conversations will be held on working with survivors, violence prevention efforts, identifying domestic violence from signs, and other topics.  This will help the group to better understand prevention tactics to help implement new programs back home.

Accountability in Government: August 23rd-26th

New Hampshire will play host to a group of 8 people from Jordan to talk about accountability and transparency in government.  Conversations with governmental and non-profit agencies will cover their efforts to ensure the governments in NH are open, transparent, and accountable to the public.  They will also look at case studies of when organizations uncovered misdeeds by the government and how those cases were handled.

Public Sector Compensation: August 23rd-26th

A group of 7 people from South Africa will visit New Hampshire to learn about the collective bargaining system for state employees.  Meetings with various unions and state agencies will allow the group to talk about the protections in place to ensure fair compensation, as well as that essential government services are continued without labor disruptions.  Conversations will also be held with organizations that specialize in labor disputes and how they work to resolve them.

Transparency and Accountability in Government: September 15th-20th

15 people from Latin America will visit New Hampshire to learn about how and why governments are open and transparent in the state.  Meetings with various governments, non-profits, and press organization will allow the visitors to get an overview of the different initiatives here in NH that ensures the government is accountable to the people.  They will have the opportunity to talk about why this is important and how it actually improves the effectiveness of government.

State and Local Government: September 21st-27th

New Hampshire will play host to 23 visitors from around the world who are interested in learning about how governments work here in the state.  Conversations with various levels and branches of government will be set up for this group while they are here.  Discussions will focus on issues of transparency, good governance, legislative leadership, and other topics.

Our Planet - Wildlife Conservation: Anti-Poaching and Anti-Trafficking Efforts in the U.S.: September 27th-30th

8 people from French speaking African countries will come to New Hampshire to learn about anti-poaching efforts going on in the state.  Various meetings throughout the state with wildlife protection agencies and organizations will provide the group with insights into the issues around poaching and how the state is looking to punish those who are caught.  The group will learn different strategies to help them prevent poaching of some of the world's most endangered species.

Current US Political, Social, and Economic Issues for Young European Leaders II: September 30th - October 3rd

A group of 13 young political leaders from around Europe will visit New Hampshire to learn about issues facing the state.  Meetings with a wide range of government officials and non-profits will allow the group the opportunity to talk about how politics work in the state and what role advocacy plays in the process for different themes.  They will also have great opportunities to meet with everyday people and talk about culture and their own countries.

The Role of Journalism in a Democracy: October 4th-7th

7 visitors from East Asian countries will visit New Hampshire to learn about journalism and its importance to a healthy and functioning democracy.  Conversations with various media outlets will focus on their role in disseminating the news and their responsibility to provide accurate coverage of events.  Discussions on the importance of open government laws and how the news media covers elected officials could also be of interest.

Women and Justice: October 4th-8th

New Hampshire will play host to a group of 7 women from around the world to talk about the justice system and how women are affected by it. Meetings at prisons, with legal scholars, court systems, and other organizations will provide the group with an overview of state efforts to ensure fair and equal treatment under the law.  The group will leave NH with a better understanding of how our legal systems work and how they might change their own systems back home.


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