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Agricultural Trade and Food Safety: July 7th - 11th

6 people from around the world will visit New Hampshire to learn about food production and how our systems remain safe and hygienic. By meeting with different food producers and distributors the group will learn about the local food chain here in NH and how connections are created. Also, they will learn about the regulations and efforts made to ensure the safety of food as it is sold to the consumer. Tours of food production facilities and farms will be included, so the group can see where the work is done.

Youth and Civic Activism: July 15-18

New Hampshire will play host to 8 people from around the world who are interested in how to get young people engaged in the community.  A number of meetings with various youth organizations will allow the visitors the opportunity to talk with colleagues about how they engage youth.  Conversations on best practices for getting youth interested in these programs will be a main focus here.  

Current US Political, Social, and Economic Issues for Young European Leaders: July 25th - 28th

2 young political leaders from France will visit New Hampshire to learn about the current issues facing the state.  Meetings with government and non-profit officials will focus on the political and social issues that New Hampshire is dealing with, as well as best practices for solving them.  Discussions will focus on the power of people to affect change in their governments and how responsive governments create strong communities.

Youth Empowerment and Civic Engagement: July 31st - August 4th

New Hampshire will play host to a group of 6 visitors from Great Britain to talk about how to engage youth in the wider community.  Conversations here will be held with non-profit organizations who work to identify and empower youth to become leaders in the community. Discussions will also focus on why it is important to start training people when they are young to create lifelong engaged citizens.


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