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US Government and Institutions: October 20th-25th

Visiting from the Central African Republic, this group of 13 Members of Parliament, will learn about how the US functions on the government level.  Meetings with government and youth services agencies will provide them insights into decentralization, separation of powers, as well as how NH works to get young people civically engaged.  Discussions will focus on why these institutions are important and how they benefit the wider society.

Promoting the Next Generation of Women Leaders: October 26th-29th

New Hampshire will play host to a group of 5 women leaders coming from Japan to talk about how to promote and support the next generation of leaders.  Conversations with nonprofits, government officials, and schools will provide the group with the opportunity to see the different ways in which we promote leadership, especially for women.  Discussions could also be held on the challenges faced by women and how they overcome them.

Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation: November 1st-3rd

6 people from Nigeria will come to New Hampshire and study the drug crisis that is ongoing in the state.  Meetings with various agencies and nonprofits will help the group understand how the state is reacting to the opioid problem, what rehabilitation services are being provided, and the challenges the state faces in stopping drug use within their borders.  Conversations will focus on best practices to end addiction, as well as how to prevent use in the first place.

Academic Guidance and Career Counseling: November 2nd-7th

Another group of 6 visitors will come to New Hampshire, this time from the United Arab Emirates.  This group of educational officials are coming to learn about support services provided to students as they prepare for life after school.  Conversations with various educational institutions will provide the group with the opportunity to see firsthand how these services work.  Discussions will also allow the visitors to learn about the challenges that students face during this transition period in their lives.

Addressing Children's Issues in the US: November 4th-8th

A group of 5 people from Armenia will visit NH to learn about children's issues in the US.  Meetings with different child and family services organizations will focus on what issues children face, as well as how NH works to combat those issues.  Conversations will also allow the group to learn about best practices in funding operations, preventing further trauma, and the effects crime have on youth.

Federal, State, and Local Government: November 21st-24th

10 people from Burma will come to New Hampshire to learn about our systems of government and celebrate Thanksgiving with a local family.  A couple of meetings will be arranged to talk about government systems and decentralization in the US, as well as a potential volunteer activity.  Then, on Thanksgiving, the group will be invited into a local home to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal and learn about what this Holiday means to the US.


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