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Community Policing: May 3rd - 5th

WACNH will host a group of 7 police officials from different countries in the Near East and North Africa region.  They are coming to learn about how communities are working to build strong relationships between themselves and their police departments.  Conversations with State and Local departments on various ways they are outreaching to the community and how it is making these places more safe will be the main focus here.

High Technology Products and Achievement: May 6th - 10th

4 people from Turkmenistan will visit New Hampshire to talk about our High Technology industry.  Here they will meet with industry leaders, non-profits, and organizations who are working to expand the technology ecosystem that is flourishing in the Manchester/Nashua/Concord region.  Conversations will focus on how Turkmenistan can promote high technology in their country to successfully build on their own economy.

Diversifying Rural Economies: May 13th - 17th

A group of 9 people from Pakistan will visit rural New Hampshire to talk about economic development in these areas.  Meetings with several non-profits, university resources, and government agencies will give the visitors an overview of the economy of northern New Hampshire.  Discussions here will focus on how these organizations are working to promote a diverse and robust economy and how the visitors can replicate this back home.  This will provide them with the skills to build up their economies back home and help combat extremism.

Transparency in Federal, State, and Local Government: May 20th - 24th

Splitting off from a larger group, 9 visitors will come to NH to look at how our government functions, as well as the interactions between the various levels.  Conversations with government officials will provide the group insights into the inner workings of government and how it can maintain transparency and good governance.  They will also have the opportunity to talk about how laws are made, why NH is so politically active, and what role we play in National politics.

Tourism and Economic Development: May 21st - 24th

New Hampshire will play host to 8 people from around the world to talk about the importance of tourism to our economy.  Meetings with various public officials, private organizations, and tourist areas of the state will give the group an overview of the industry.  Conversations will talk about how we promote tourism and why it plays such a large role in our overall economy. Discussions will also focus on the benefits and challenges of balancing economic development with protecting our natural resources that are so important to the tourism of the state.

NGO Management: June 1st - 6th

9 people from a larger Multi-regional program will visit New Hampshire to talk about non-profit management.  Here they will have the opportunity to meet with different non-profits, management companies, and organizations that help build up the non-profit sector.  Discussions will focus on best practices in management, program implementation, and financial management, so they can improve on the NGO sector back home.

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