IVP Cookbook

A World Affairs Council -- Kitchen Table Diplomacy: From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe

Includes 37 recipes from around the world as well as from local home hospitality hosts, categorized by vegetarian and halal options.

After 15 years as part of the U.S. State Department’s premiere professional exchange program, WACNH has hosted more than 2,200 emerging international leaders from 175 different countries. Now, WACNH is launching an international cookbook to celebrate the volunteers who host the visitors for dinner in the Granite State and encourage new citizen diplomats to join the cross-cultural dialogue.

“Food Diplomacy is one of the best ways for people to learn about other cultures,” said World Affairs Council Executive Director Tim Horgan, who had managed the International Visitors Leadership Program in Manchester for the eight years. “From the spicy chilies of Central America to the flavorful masalas of Southern Asia, food can provide an entryway to experience new countries and cultures.”

“Sharing a meal provides even more opportunities to connect with people from around the world and opens the door to true cultural exchanges," Horgan continued. "The World Affairs Council of New Hampshire, through this cookbook, hopes to continue to open these pathways for local families to learn about the diversity of the world, from the comfort of their own home.”

“The support of our many volunteer dinner hosts is changing minds from around the world and has a direct impact on building relationships between countries,” Horgan added. “Without a doubt, their efforts are helping make the world smaller and friendlier and we look forward to bringing new volunteers into the program”

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