IVLP Election Group Burundi Interview with 107.7 The Pulse: Friends from Burundi 3-2-20.mp3

Jim Walsh Interview with 107.7 the Pulse: Jim Walsh MIT Iran etc 6-5-19.mp3
Katherine Brown - Your Country Our War  Audio: Katherine Brown 4-9-19.mp3
Union of Concerned Scientists Nuclear Issues Event Audio: UCS 2-6.mp3
Coercion in International Politics Event Audio: Coercion Dec 12 2018.mp3
Friends Forever International Event Audio: Friends Forever Dec 3 2018.mp3
The Future of Korea: K-POP Interview with 107.7 The Pulse- K Pop 11-2-18.mp3
Mid-Term Elections Impact on Foreign Policy with Richard Fontaine Richard Fontaine 11-9-18.mp3
2018 Global Business Summit with David Noble- VIDEO
Jamal Khashoggi Assassination Interview with Dr. Melinda Negron-Gonzales- Khashoggi.mp3
Dr. Anne Rasmussen Interview with 107.7 The Pulse- Anne Rasmussen 107.7 The Pulse Interview 10.16.18.mp3
Trita Parsi Interview with 107.7 The Pulse-Trita Parsi.mp3
2018 Global Forum Fundraiser with Trita Parsi, June 28th, 2018 - 2018 Global Forum Video
The Final Year Post Movie Discussion with Political Analyst Dean Spiliotes- Part 1Part 2Part 3
Manchester Public Television Video of the Combatants for Peace Manchester May 2nd  Presentation- VIDEO
107.7 The Pulse Interview with Combatants for Peace members Netta Hazan and Osama Elewat May 2ns, 2018- 

Global Tipping Points: November 13, 2017- Luis Jiménez- VIDEO

Global Business Summit: November 8, 2017 -Ambassador Jennifer M. Harris on "War By Other Means": April 13, 2017- VIDEO

Senator Jeanne Shaheen's address on Russa: March 24, 2017- VIDEO

Foreign Policy Town Hall: January 26, 2017- Dr. Jessica Mathews- VIDEO

Global Business Summit: September 27, 2016- Trey Herr, Harvard Kennedy School- VIDEO

Global Forum with Admiral David Titley- VIDEO

Global Tipping Points: May 3, 2016- Geneive Abdo- VIDEO

Global Tipping Points: April 12, 2016- Juliette Kayyem- VIDEO

Global Tipping Points: March 1, 2016- Iphigenia Kanara- VIDEO

VIDEO: Ahmad Balal on "Pakistan's Place"- Feb. 20, 2014

January 31, 2014- VIDEO: Ambassador Jim Smith on "U.S.-Saudi Arabia Relations"
World Affairs Luncheon: "Who Stole the American Dream?" January 20, 2014: Podcast 1Podcast 2Q&A
Professor Gregory Gause, 2013 Fall Global Tipping Points Series"What Comes Next? "American Interests in the New Middle East" - September 17, 2013- WATCH
Indian Consul General Mulay, World Affairs Luncheon
"US-India Relations"- September 6, 2013WATCH
Ambassador Ryan Crocker, 2013 Global Forum- "Lessons from a Long War"June 3, 2013- WATCH 
Michael Fairbanks- Global Tipping Points Part 1- "Enterprise Solutions to Global Poverty"February 21, 2012 - WATCH
Myron Kandel speechGlobal Business SummitOctober 17, 2011WATCH
Jon Huntsman speechOctober 10, 2011-WATCH
Mel Goodman speech- April 5, 2008- WATCH

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